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London in Pictures

Jess is a Wanderer went on a jaunt to England's capital city. Here are the highlights.

London is a bustling city filled with history, architecture and an eclectic mix of people, food and businesses. Whether you're out sightseeing, people-watching or just taking in the atmosphere, there's something to interest every taste.

See a show in the West End, take a stroll along the banks of the Thames, shop until you drop in Oxford Street, visit a free art gallery or museum or marvel at the incredible engravings on the buildings in Westminster. Whatever your interest, London has it all and won't leave you disappointed.

I visited London twice in July and both times I was seeing shows in the West End. It dawned on me that I've never actually spent a substantial time in our capital city and it was high time that I did. Therefore, I set off, armed with my camera, to walk the streets from Victoria to St. James to Southbank, Westminster, Tower Hamlets and Piccadilly. Basically, I covered a lot of ground and (hopefully) took some good pics to capture all that I saw.

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