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Jess is a Wanderer | Sark in Autumn

It's been a while since I've been to Sark (well, a little over a month) so with the late summer weather we've been having, a trip was very much needed. It was also a first time visit with our friend Melissa so we needed to show all the best bits! Scroll down for the video.

Starting the day with a walk along the cliffs to Sarkhenge, we ducked down to Hogsback to see the memorial to the Commandos and their bravery in 1943.

A quick jaunt into town took us to Avenue Cycles to hire our bikes for the day and then we were off to L'Eperquerie headland, the Window in the Rock followed by lunch at Bluebell Cafe.

The afternoon took us across La Coupée, around to little Sark's famous giant deckchair and past the Silver Mines.

Before heading to the ferry, we called in at the chocolate factory, sent some postcards and our day was done. The perfect day.

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