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Istanbul, Turkey.

Istanbul sprawls across both Europe and Asia. It's a fascinating city that I've had the pleasure of visiting twice. Both times I've been, I've marvelled at the friendliness of the people and enjoyed taking in the city sights. My advice is to set off on foot and see where you end up. Whether it's a quirky restaurant, a cobbled backstreet or a secret mosque; you won't be disappointed. Enjoy the photographs!

Galata Fishermen
Blue Mosque
Galata Tower
Beautiful Art
Mysterious Cisterns
Souvenir Shop
Colourful Lanterns
Mosque on the Riverbank
Blue Mosque Purple Water
Quirky Buildings
Fishing off Galata Bridge
Winter Park
Fishing off Galata Bridge
Hazy Colours
Intricate Details
Spicy Goodness
Istanbul Graffiti
Hagia Sofia
Hagia Sofia Details
Looking Out
That Ceiling
Fridge Magnets for Sale
New Mosque
Colour in the Market
Turkish Treats
Street Food
Distant Mosque
The Turkish Flag
Quirky Restaurant
Galata Tower
Fishing in the Bosphorus
Galata Bridge
Dried Fruit
Fisherman in Red
Distant Minarets
Souvenirs Galore
Bosphorus Views
Street Food and Pigeons
Pigeons in a Row
Street and Tramlines
Busy Lamp Shop
Underground Cisterns
Cistern Reflections
Sultanahmet Wide View
Street Seller in Sultanahmet
Hagia Sophia
Hagia Sophia
Blue Mosque Wide View
The Park by Night
Istanbul's Streets
Hagia Sophia by Night
Blue Mosque
Through the Archway
Entering the Park
Hagia Sophia
Mysterious Minarets of Blue Mosque
Sultanahmet: Midnight View
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