Rotorua: A stinky, natural geothermal wonder

The city of Rotorua is located in New Zealand's Bay of Plenty. Geographically speaking, that's about half way down the north island towards the east coast. It's pretty central so skiing in Taupo, beautiful beaches of Whakatane and the trendy city of Tauranga with its Mount Maunganui.

I found myself living in Rotorua after running out of money pretty quickly and needing to work immediately. I took a job at a school in the north of the city and soon set out exploring. I didn't plan on teaching straight away but this is where life's led me and I'm absolutely not complaining. Although it is a bit stinky at times - the sulphur from the natural springs and hot pools can cause quite a stink - it's beautiful in so many ways.

Famous for the lake, after which it is named, it is also the top Maori destination in New Zealand. With many a marae and lots of cultural shows and events taking place, it's a fab place to be based and to get to know about the original culture Aotearoa (New Zealand).

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