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Bagan is a sleepy, dusty, temple-filled paradise in Myanmar.

Taking the bus from Yangon in the south to Bagan near the centre of Myanmar, I really had no idea what to expect. I'd seen some really fabulous photos on Google but never thought for a second that I'd be able to recreate them for myself.

Fortunately, I had three full days in the ancient city and did my best at trying to capture of the temples, pagodas, stupas and, of course, hot air balloons. It really was a magical place.

I'm disappointed that I didn't get to see more of Myanmar as, from what other travellers told me, the whole country is just waiting to be discovered. I'll just have to return!

An Arch of Balloons
A Sunset Silhouette
Misty Mornings
Beautiful Colours
Balloons Galore
Restoration Temple
So Enormous
Watchtower Sunrise
Female Buddhist Monks in Prayer
Ready for Lift Off
Sunrise Pagoda
Sunset Clouds
Stupa Vista
Shiny Stupa
Hazy Sunset
Balloons in Flight
Inside a Pagoda
A Stupa and some Balloons
Kids selling their Colouring
Landing with a View
Local Fisherman
Temples from Above
Balloons in Motion
Beautiful Views
Close Up
Far Away
Riverside Temples
Sunrise Silhouette
New Bagan
Puppets in a Tree
A White Temple
A Temple through an Arch
Temples and Flowers
Horse and Cart Rides on Offer
All the Colours of Summer
Intricate carvings
So Detailed
Distant Temple
Scattered across the Landscape
Stupas standing Tall
Market wares on Sale
Temples and Wind Chimes
Balloons on the Move
Temples down by the River
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