Antarctica: My Seventh Continent

I booked my trip to Antarctica in January 2015 with Audley. The departure date was December 28th 2015! It was a long wait but totally worth it. I had the BEST time on the continent and aboard Oceanwide Expeditions MV Plancius boat on a Basecamp Expedition. I recommend this trip to everyone. 

This was the most expensive trip I have ever taken but definitely one of the best. I chose to do this particular trip as it involved kayaking, snow-shoeing and mountaineering. Most ships travelling to Antarctica cruise around and do not actually allow all passengers to disembark. We had the choice to disembark twice most days (weather permitting). There was even the opportunity to camp overnight in a tent! Everything was included in the price, the only extra was my (rather pricey) bar tab at the end of the trip.

We had breakfast, lunch and dinner served every day. The food was delicious and far fancier than most things I would personally order in a restaurant! We had everything from Antarctic-caught fish to pork-belly and Argentinian steak (as well as plenty of vegetarian options!). Lunch and dinner were three-course meals with soup and dessert. We were definitely able to continue our over-eating from Christmas!!

On the last day, we were supposed to disembark at 08:30. However, due to bad weather we were actually stuck on the ship for almost an extra 24 hours. The staff was super helpful with rearranging flights (as far as possible) and we actually stayed on the boat for an extra night. 

This was my first trip to Antarctica but not my last. The Oceanwide crew were so professional and knowledgeable that I'm definitely going to be doing another trip with them - currently booking the Arctic for June this year. Standby for updates!


Below is a selection of photos from my trip, split into categories as there were just too many to choose from! Click here to read the full itinerary from our expedition. Click here for the video.











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