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Mount Egmont National Park

After reaching the summit of Mount Taranaki, I had to return to see more of the area and what was on offer. Sadly, I didn't choose the right time and we had nearly a whole week of rain. Nonetheless, that didn't stop us from doing a couple of trails and getting a couple of lovely views. Sort of. I've since returned four times and enjoyed a range of experiences in what might just be my favourite part of New Zealand's north island.

New Plymouth has plenty of things to see and do - the coastal walkway, Paritutu Rock, Pukekura Park as well as some lovely restaurants and bars too. The national park surrounding Mount Taranaki, Mount Egmont National Park, has lots of great places to visit too. Rain or shine, you won't be disappointed if you take a trip over to the west coast.

Along the Stony River Walkway
Summit of Taranaki
Rural Taranaki
Black and White 'Naki
Through the Trees
Pouakai Hut Lookout
Hangatahua (Stony River)
Tarn Reflection Pano
What a View!
Perfect Reflection
Starry Night
A Dash of Mist
Cloudy and dramatic
Hazy Start to the Day
Starry Night
There's a mountain out there...
Purple Rain
Taranaki 8
Swingbridge at Wangororo Hut or somewhere
New Plymouth Clouds
Egmont Lighthouse 3
Taranaki 4
Farmland Mountain
Taranaki 9
New Plymouth Sunset
New Plymouth Rays
Lighthouse Sunset
Taranaki 10
Lighthouse from Below
Peak A Boo
British Origins
Egmont Lighthouse
Swing bridge
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