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Goodbye Europe!

Days 31-32: Jess is a Wanderer has been sorting everything out for the flight to India. A new month sees us landing on a new continent...

Arriving back in Tirana on Saturday, we wanted some chill and recuperation time after the multi-day hikes in the wilderness. We also needed to buy medication in case (or rather, when) we fall victim to India's infamous 'Delhi-belly'. Although, we are holding out hope that Cairo will have prepared us sufficiently... I'm sure you'll hear all about it when the time comes!

We made full use of our lovely little apartment, doing laundry; packing and repacking; and sorting out admin. Like buying visas for Turkey. Fortunately, 24 hours before departure we realised that we weren't in transit through Istanbul but actually stopping for seven hours, collecting our bags and re-checking in to the next flight! $20 later we're good to go. Imagine that, we'd have ended up stuck in Turkey somewhere visa-less and lost!

We take off from Tirana at 11:15 this morning, land in Istanbul this afternoon and then at 10pm tonight we're back in the sky en route to Kyrgyzstan. Why you may ask... This is what a £140 flight looks like! All in all, we'll be travelling for around 24 hours and when we land in Delhi's hustle and bustle, it'll be lunch time. We've arranged to be met by a chap who's whisking us away to Agra (4 hours north) so we can see the Taj Mahal and then we will make a plan for the rest of our stay.

Goodbye, Europe, it's been a blast!

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