Athens: An Ancient World

Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world so there's plenty to see and do in this bustling historical hub. 

Mighty Columns in the Sun
Those Carvings
City View
Parthenon Top
More Intricate Detailing
Greek Flag
Parthenon Roof
Looking up at Parthenon
City through Amphitheatre Ruins
The Mighty Parthenon
Ancient Arches and Modern Buildings
Colourful Streets
Busy Shops
Market place
City View
Sprawling City
Last Columns Standing
Distant Street Art
Temple Ruins
Mighty Columns
Lonely Columns
Zeus' Temple
Cracked columns
Intricate Designs
Hilltop Parthenon
Such Handiwork
Ancient Ruins
Distant Ruins
Standing Strong
Close Up Details
Many Pillars
The Skill!
Column Bases
Standing Strong
Enormous Stones
All in a Row
Through the Columns
Close up Hilltop
Old Streets
City Sights
Distant Parthenon
That View Though
Close up

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