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Snowdon in Pictures

A couple of friends and I hiked Mount Sinai back in May, whilst in Egypt. As a result, we developed a new love for hiking and decided that we would continue our hobby once we got back to the UK in the summer holidays. The only thing was, summer didn't quite match up with our plans and thus, we hiked Mount Snowdon, Wales' tallest mountain, in the freezing wind, rain and fog. Here are the best bits!! You can also watch the video of the experience here.

Relaxing Before the Midges Bit Me!
Our Teepee of Positivity
Sunset over Llyn Cwellyn
A Misty Start
Bring on the Rain
Visibility.... zero!
Lovely Summer's Day
Almost at the Summit
Waiting to Summit
What a Wonderful Day...
The Descent
The Weather Began Clearing
A Smudge of View
In the Clouds
Distant Hikers
Llyn Ffynnon-y-gwas
Beautiful Scenery
Worth Waiting For!
Hello Mountains
Llyn Cwellyn, AKA Basecamp
A Misty Morning
Morning Reflections
Abandoned Boats on the Lake
Mist off the Jetty
Misty Reflections
Still Waters
Picture Perfect
Anyone for a Picnic?
Snowdon in the Distance
Spot Snowdon
The Dark Beast in the Back
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