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Bagan, Myanmar

Once hidden from the general public, the ancient site of Bagan is now a bustling tourist hubbub in Myanmar's central area. With hot air balloon rides and plenty of pagodas, it's a must-see place.


Jess is a Wanderer went to Albania with no plans or expectations. It turns out that Albania is a pretty amazing place to be. This gallery will inspire you to book your flight before you even see all the photographs!


Jess is a Wanderer went to see what Macedonia had to offer and it was a unique experience that should be enjoyed before the masses arrive! With some great history and a wonderfully diverse clash of European and Arabian cultures, it's a colourful, delicious, fascinating place.

Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia is one of UNESCO's hidden gems and if you haven't been to see it for yourself then I hope these pictures will inspire you to take a trip. 


Jess is a Wanderer lived in Egypt for six years and had an amazing time camping in the desert, snorkelling in the Red Sea, exploring ancient ruins and feasting on some delicious delicacies. Here are the highlights in a gallery. Please enjoy!

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