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Brasov, Romania

The first time I went to Romania, it was summer 2011. I'd arrived on a train from Budapest or somewhere similar and I was hungry. I was with two pals and we were a bit disorientated after a long train journey. We brushed our teeth in a park, like all respectable young ladies would, and set off in search of food. An omelette and a bowl of soup later, we'd become distracted about where we were and found ourselves hopping on a train to Croatia. I can't really explain what happened but I always knew I had to return. September 2017, I stepped off a train in beautiful Brasov. These pictures are why you should visit too!

Bran Castle from the Front
Bran Castle Reverse
Narrowest Street
Brasov 'Hollywood' Sign
Beautiful Architecture
View from Mount Tampa
New Town
Old Town
Clear Skies
Folk Dancing
Traditional Entertainment
Clown Street Performer
City Woods
From Mount Tampa
Busy Streets
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