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Singapore just became my new favourite city...

I had a bit of a drama entering Singapore - being the only westerner at the Malaysia-Singapore border I wonder if the officers were just having a bit of fun!

After what should have been a five hour bus ride - that turned into nine hours - I arrived in the city of lights, towers, skyscrapers and absolute cleanliness. People have told me how spick and span the place is but I don't think you really understand how spick and span the place is until you see it for yourself. I think in three days, I could count the amount of single rubbish items I saw on the floor using my fingers and toes!

I thoroughly enjoyed all the little bits of the city - Chinatown, Arab Street, Little India, Haji Lane. The architecture blew my mind, the people were beyond friendly, the prices were insane (but we don't need to talk about that). I even met Sandra Macheroux, a locally based, expat professional photographer, in her Haji Lane gallery, who gave me some top tips about where to see the city from. I haven't finished with Singapore yet, I will definitely be back. Either as a tourist or an expat!

From Level 33
From Marina East
A Busy City
Spectra Light Show in Action
A Washed out Sunset
Colourful Reflections
Spectra Light Show
Singapore Flyer
Gardens by the Bay
A Moody Sky over Singapore
So Many Colours
Downtown Daytime
Marina Bay Sands
At Burgis Market
Wide Shot of the Bay
Colourful Stairs at Burgis
Just as the Sun was Setting
Quirky Haji Lane
Old Meets New
That Sky!
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