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Auckland: New Zealand

Located on the North Island, Auckland has a population of almost 1.4 million people. It's easy to get around from the suburbs using trains and buses. A number of daytripss to surrounding islands can be taken using commuter and tourist boats. Whilst it's expensive to get around on public transport, the city is small enough to walk around if you're keen to stretch your legs. 

Here are my favourite photos from the city so far.

Busy City Streets
Sunset from Mount Victoria
From Westhaven Marina
Sky Tower
Commuter Boat from Birkenhead
View from Sulphur Beach
View from Hopetoun Bridge
Sulphur Beach Lookout
Sunrise from the Ferry Terminal
Sunset from Devonport
Commuter Boat at Sunrise
City View from Ferry Terminal
Sun setting over the city
From Devonport
Ferry coming into the wharf
Sunset sailing
Fisherman on the Pier
From Mount Victoria
Noordam Leaving Port
Just as the sun went down
City Centre from Afar
Sunset silhouettes
Nighttime sparkles
City under the pier
Zoomed in city view
A Hazy View
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