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Mount Te Aroha

Mount Te Aroha is located at the edge of the town after which it is named. Translating to 'love', it's a mountain you will indeed come to love. A sleepy town located near the centre of New Zealand's North Island, it's a beautiful part of the country. The summit can be reached in around 3 hours, or quicker if you're keen. We met someone who's currently on a mission to get to the peak in just 45 minutes! Once at the top, you can come back down the same way or go down the mountain bike track. If you don't want an aching butt for a week, I recommend going down the same way. Ooph I was so sore!

Mount Te Aroha Panorama
Distant Mountain
Never-ending Wilderness
Halfway Up
Flat Lands
Into the Unknown
Perfectly Formed
Te Aroha Township
Black and White Beauty
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