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Sydney City

Jess is a Wanderer can't get enough of the busy metropolis that is harbour-side Sydney. With some incredible architecture, beautiful views and good times to be had, it's a favourite Aussie city.

Sydney Coast

The coastline of Sydney is quite incredible. In fact, Australia in general is really just quite incredible. You can walk for as long as your feet are willing to carry you along the coastal paths of Sydney and you won't be disappointed with what you see.

Blue Mountains

Jess is a Wanderer ventured into New South Wales' Blue Mountains region for Christmas 2016. With beautiful summer breezes, breathtaking views and a brilliant set of hiking trails, it was the perfect way to spend the holidays. 

Road Tripping

Jess is a Wanderer spent several dollars on fuel going all across Australia (well, apart from the bit on the western side - but you always need to have a reason to return, right?) and it was a grand adventure indeed. Here are the details.

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