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Wanaka, NZ

Wanaka is a lakeside town that's located not far away from Queenstown. Famous for its lake-based tree, there are plenty of hikes to do and views to admire. Jess is a Wanderer recommends a visit for anyone wondering where to go in New Zealand.

Waimate, NZ

Jess is a Wanderer moved to Waimate in January 2019 after accepting a teaching job at the local high school. More than just a detour off State Highway One between Timaru and Oamaru - Waimate has plenty to see and do.

Thames, NZ

Thames is a city bathed in history from the early settlers. It's got a traditional seaside feel with cafes and plenty of shops offering fish and chips. You can also visit the site of the old Burke Street wharf. This makes for lovely photographs at sunrise or sunset.

New Plymouth, NZ

New Plymouth is a coastal town with a huge great big mountain - Mount Taranaki as the backdrop. With plenty to do - including gardens, hikes, an art gallery and shopping - there's something for everyone.

Rotorua, NZ

Rotorua is known around the world for its traditional Maori culture, stinky hot pools and famous Skyline luging attraction. Here are my favourite sights from this lakeside city.

Auckland, New Zealand

The city that never sleeps - New Zealand's most-populated harbour-side city. This is Auckland.

Bagan, Myanmar

Jess is a Wanderer explored Myanmar's temple-filled flats. Once home to 10,000 temples and pagodas, it's an incredible place to get lost for a few days.

Melaka, Malaysia

A former Dutch, Portuguese and British colony city, Melaka is a city of fascinating history, culture and modern-day street art.


Singapore is affectionately known as a futuristic city and has plenty to see and do. The evening light shows, the funky architecture and all the food you could ever imagine!

Luang Prabang, Laos

Other than meeting a couple of friends, I had no idea what to expect during my visit to Luang Prabang. I definitely wasn't disappointed with what I found!

Varna, Bulgaria

Jess is a Wanderer was on course for a sightseeing weekend in Bulgaria's capital: Sofia. That was until a friendly passenger suggested hitting the beach...

Brasov, Romania


Jess is a Wanderer visited Brasov after only popping into the Romania's capital for a brief lunch in 2011. Six years on and it was absolutely worth returning too. These pictures will explain why!

London, England

Jess is a Wanderer only took 30 years to properly set out and explore London. It's true what they say - we never explore our home countries as much as we do the rest of the world!

Athens, Greece

Jess is a Wanderer ventured back in time to explore the ancient ruins of Greece's capital city. With so many sights to visit, you could easily spend a week getting lost. Here are some of my favourite things to see.

Istanbul, Turkey

With half in Europe and half in Asia, Istanbul is Turkey's metropolitan city with so much to see and do. Here are the highlights from two visits to this incredible city.

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