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Cappadocia, Turkey.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must-visit location for any natural landscape loving photographers. Located in the Göreme region of central Turkey, it's easily accessible by plane from Istanbul. Doing this trip will actually allow you to spend time in Europe and Asia without leaving Turkey!
Usually, the pinks, greens, greys and browns of the natural rock formations are contrasted by hundreds of colourful hot air balloons flying high above the horizon. During my visit, it was mid-winter and the weather wasn't cooperating for balloon flights. Nonetheless, we had a totally amazing time and managed to see some beautiful views. As a result, I have the perfect excuse to return! 
If you're keen to visit (and let's be honest, why wouldn't you be!) I definitely recommend booking a balloon flight with Hot Air Balloon, Cappadocia. Despite the weather not being in our favour, they rebooked us for the next day and ultimately ended up giving us a full refund as flying just wasn't possible. Fantastic customer service!
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