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Africa: A continent of diversity and colour. An unforgettable experience!


Ghana: Volunteering on a variety of projects.

In 2004 I travelled to Ghana, West Africa with a charity from London, UK. The aim was to begin laying the foundations for a new school. There was also the opportunity to teach, decorate classrooms, start a conservation project and basically have an absolute ball!











Egypt: A post-revolution viewpoint of a country with a bright future!

I moved to Egypt to work as a teacher in 2011. It was fragile time as the country had just come through the revolution and there was a lot of work to be done. I'm now in my sixth year of living there and I've seen some exciting changes. 


South Africa: A country so magificent, a year wouldn't be enough!

We had three days in Johannesburg, four days on safari in Kruger and two weeks in Cape Town and surrounding areas. Nothing could have prepared me for how fantastic this trip was. Positively one of my favourites.

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