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Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania.

The cobbled streets, colourful history and old town centres attract hundreds of tourists to these countries each year. Whilst there's plenty to see in the respective capitals, there's a whole heap of things to do just a short journey from each city too.


Former Soviet Village
Tallinn's Old Town
Graffiti at Telliskivi
Colourful Balloons
Laheema National Park
Kodu Eco Lodge

Riga, Latvia

View from Radisson Blu
Rooftop View
Old Town Market
Riga from Above
Across Old Town
Railway Bridge
Riga Rooftops
Fishing in the Daugava
Moonlit Cloud


Lake Galvé
Trakai Castle
Pedalos at Trakai
Lake Galvé Reflections
Trakai Castle
Hill of Crosses
Cross from the Pope
Jesus' Cross
Walkway through Crosses
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