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Tongariro Alpine Crossing

This 19.4km trail is a fantastic place to get out into the wild and explore some of New Zealand's natural beauty. Volcanoes, mountains, ridges, lakes and some incredible rock formations. With warnings of potential eruptions from active volcanoes it's not an adventure for the faint-hearted!

I couldn't get over how beautiful this place was. In parts, it genuinely looked like Mars  - or at least what I imagine Mars to look like. Here are the highlights.

Steaming Landscape
So vast
The Winding Path
Into the Haze
Tiny People, Giant Mountains
Spacey Environment
Toilets or Spaceships?
Cloud Moving In
Disappearing Vista
Beautiful Vista
Disappearing into the Clouds
So Green
Lakes Close Up
Emerald Lakes
Mountainous Delight
Hazy Orange
Emerald Lakes & Blue Lake
Ash and Lava
Ascending the Ridge
Incredible Rocks
Shadowy Crater
Looks like Mars
Landing on Mars
So Vast
South Crater
Misty Crater
Weather Closing In
A Misty Mountain
People like Ants
Onwards and Upwards
Cloud Shadows
Starting the Climb
Natural and Manmade
Early Morning Views
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