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Jess is a Wanderer Hikes Maunganui Bluff

Jess is a Wanderer set off in search of some beautiful views and a sweaty little workout along the beach. Maunganui Bluff was the perfect trail featuring some steep rises, bush, farmland and clifftops galore. Not only that, I did the hike fairly early in the morning so there was a lovely misty haze adding to the scenery.

The climb starts at Maunganui Beach and crosses open land. Shortly, you arrive on to the edge of the cliff and begin the climb. The climb goes on for the next 3.5 or so kilometres and is quite relentless. You'll cross tree trunks, streams, rocks and open farmland before arriving at the summit of Maunganui.

If you're feeling particularly ambitious, you can carry on even further down the other side and beyond. I didn't have time for that as I was off on another adventure but it would definitely be a fun thing to do.

If you're lucky, you might run into some wild goats or see a pod of whales out at sea. Don't forget suncream because there's no shelter at the top and you'll absolutely want to spend a few minutes up there to recover from the climb. Especially if you did it without stopping!

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