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Jess is a Wanderer - Autumnal Waimate

Jess is a Wanderer moved to Waimate in January 2019. I realised I haven't shared much with you recently so here are some updates from my new hometown.

So autumn has definitely arrived and brightened up the town a treat. The drive to work (admittedly only around 3km) is now completed a lot slower as I like to stop and admire the sunlight through the trees. It's amazing how much better everything looks with a splash of colour.

I managed to get out for sunrise recently which was really cool - seeing the sky painted with these pastel colours and getting a shot of the art silos was a bonus. I'd seen this view on the way to work but never had time to stop and actually capture it. Fortunately, the weekend weather was on side.

We had a teacher strike day on Wednesday, 29th of May so I took advantage of the day off and headed to the top of Whitehorse Hill to see the sunrise and snap some stars.

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