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Jess is a Wanderer on Banks Peninsula

Jess is a Wanderer celebrated getting another year older by heading out to Banks Peninsula - namely Akaroa - in search of sunset and seals. It was a marvellous weekend with plenty of cake, ice-cream and sunshine.

Leaving the busy city streets of Christchurch, the road winds its way along Banks Peninsula. Before long, there's no network, unspoilt views and teeny-tiny towns popping up here and there. Akaroa is sort of 'end of the line' and famous for its harbour, quaint shops and restaurants and lighthouse.

Continuing through Akaroa, you get to Akaroa Head: a clifftop with walk that leads down to some rock pools and seals, if you're lucky. We were extremely lucky and found a mother breastfeeding her pup whilst dad stood guard.

Heading back to Christchurch, we were treated with a truly fabulous sunset. Wanting to get more of a view than just the main road with a pretty sky, we took a chance and turned off down a gravel road. As luck would have it, a windmill and water tank stood poised ready to star as the perfect silhouettes against a colourful backdrop.

All in all, our outing to Banks Peninsula was a great success. I got to celebrate my birthday doing what I love best: taking countless photos of beautiful scenes unfolding around every corner. Here's to more adventures, more photos and another fabulous year ahead.

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