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Jess is a Wanderer at Endeans Sawmill

Endeans Sawmill is a former native-timber sawmill located in the centre of New Zealand's north island. Jess is a Wanderer heard whispers of such a place existing and had no idea what a fascinating piece of history it would turn out to be.

Separated by a road, one side is littered with workers' accommodation - complete with sofas, televisions and even a piano inside the rundown buildings. The other side is the actual mill that would have been processing all the timber.

Left in the exact state it was in when business stopped just over twenty years ago, it's now a sight to behold. The sheep keep the grass short and the rest has been left to rot at the hands of the elements. It was an absolute privilege and wonderful experience to photograph this historic site. You can see the full gallery here.

Endeans Sawmill is a private property so permission must be sought from the landowner before accessing. We were fortunate enough to flag down his car shortly after arriving at the site.

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