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Jess is a Wanderer in New Plymouth

Jess is a Wanderer wandered down to the west coast of the north island in search of the famous Mount Taranaki views with Te Rewa Rewa bridge. Well, the morning had started out cloudy but fortunately there's a website with a live cam of the mighty mountain so I was watching intently whilst doing my jobs.

I'd just finished getting my hair cut (yes I get a professional to sort it out about once a year) and suddenly the mountain had cleared! I took off as quick as a flash and raced down to Fitzroy to see the famous bridge.

Well, it was still kind of cloudy but at least there was evidence of a mountain being present - unlike my last visit! I decided to wait and after only three hours, my patience paid off as the clouds fully cleared and left the beast standing tall and proud. Oh what a sight!

Later that evening, I went out in search of some sunset views which only half disappointed. I'm learning that with Taranaki it's a case of be grateful for what you can get as it's so volatile the weather can change in an instant.

More on New Plymouth here.

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