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Jess is a Wanderer Ocean Beach to Peach Cove

Jess is a Wanderer left the main city of Wharangei - where I'd been staying with couch surfing host James - to head for the coast of Wharangei Heads in order to complete this section of the walk. Initially, I'd intended to do Ocean Beach to Uruquharts Bay but managed to get lost. As I so often do!

These pointy bits in the distance are the top of Mount Lion - only around 460m above sea level, when you're starting at sea level, the climb is a real killer! Through farmland, bush and some very soggy parts - if it's been raining recently - you'll see rock formations, funky trees, many steps and some great views.

A 10km circuit, it's part of the Te Araroa trail in places and will give you greater respect for anyone who's done all or part of this famous hike. You even come out in the clouds at one part because you're that high up. It's super impressive. It will definitely be the closest I get to hiking the entire length of NZ, that's for sure!

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