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Jess is a Wanderer at Waipu Caves

It was a rainy day in New Zealand's Northland when Jess is a Wanderer headed over to Waipu Caves in search of shelter from the storm. Armed with a head-torch, camera and tripod deep underground is where the adventure took place.

If you're visiting, you will need a head-torch or handheld torch or some form of light as it's a completely natural cave with absolutely zero lighting, aside from the natural light at the entrance. Other than that, it's you and a couple of thousand glowworms!

Also, be prepared to get wet! And muddy. The entrance dips down slightly and you can walk along the side but it's ever so slippy and might send you flying into the murky depths below. My advice would be to take sturdy shoes and walk through the river. For me, at 158cm tall, the deepest part went to my mid-thigh so it was totally survivable and I did it in flip flops.

There's also a lot of crouching down because there are some tight spots. If you don't like small spaces, give it a go as you may surprise yourself. There aren't many tight squeezes and it's absolutely worth it to see the rock formations and glow worms up close.

All in all, a free and fabulous outing. Take shelter from the rain by slipping and sliding around the mud inside Waipu Caves. You won't regret it!

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