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Jess is a Wanderer Tramping Kinloch to Kawakawa Bay

Jess is a Wanderer left Taupo and drove the 20km-ish to Kinloch. A beautiful lakeside village with picturesque beaches and plenty of opportunities for boating. If you have your own boat that is. Otherwise, maybe you can make friends with someone and they'll invite you out for the day. This is not what happened to me!

I arrived in Kinloch and set off to do the 19km return walk to Kawakawa Bay. Through native bush, coastal path and up and down various hills it wasn't too much of a challenge.

The suggested time is two hours each way. Be prepared to be slightly longer as you'll enjoy listening to the noises of the bush and admiring the diverse plants and trees that make up the scenery. Also, you'll spend some time in the bushes moving out of the way of mountain-bikers that are coming past. It's a really fab little trail but do take plenty of water.

Measuring 9.5km each way, it's broken up at Kawakawa Bay with a lovely secluded little beach, shelter and bathroom. You can easily lose a few hours on the beach eating lunch, napping or building some little pebble-piles. The first time I've done this and I was quite pleased with the outcome!

There is nowhere to buy anything on the way and if you do get to Kawakawa Bay then it's either another 10km to civilisation back the way you came or onwards to the next place. Either way, it's a big trek so take plenty of food, water and suncream. Enjoy!

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