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White Island

White Island isn't a cheap day out but it's an incredible day out and certainly worth every cent. Leaving from Whakatane in small groups aboard a boat, you sail out to NZ's most active volcano over the course of about 80 minutes. It went pretty quickly for most people - except those who felt seasick - when it felt like a lifetime!

The crew was super informative and filled with facts, tips for future trips and general volcano facts. Literally, walking-talking encyclopaedias. Visiting White Island, eating 'fresh' and 'old' sulphur, trying water from the streams and seeing this little gem first-hand was an absolutely incomparable experience. You can get up close and personal with the vents - but make sure you've got your gas mask handy. If you're a super millionaire you can take a helicopter tour. Otherwise, take a trip with White Island Tours. It really has to be seen to be appreciated as the photos don't do it half the justice of what it deserves.

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