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The North Island of New Zealand is scattered with beautiful natural waterfalls. Some are more impressive than others, some are more well-kept. Some are closed to the public, some are open for swimming. No matter where you find yourself, you can be guaranteed that a waterfall is never too far away. Here are some of my favourites.

Owharoa Falls
Kaiate Falls
Steps to Karate
Mid-level of Kaiate Falls
Top of Kaiate Falls
Top of Mangere Falls
Mangere Falls
Mangere Falls Close
Hururu Falls
Hururu Falls
Whangarei Falls
Whangarei Falls
At the Bottom of Whangarei Falls
Over the top of Whangarei Falls
Whangarei Rock Pools
Shine Falls
Rainbow Falls
Top of Rainbow Falls
Looking down at Omanawa Falls
Behind Omanawa Falls
Crossing the stream to Omanawa
McLaren Falls
McLaren Falls at Night
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