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Road Trippin' Around the UK

Ilfracombe, Devon

August 2015


It was a spontaneous and whirlwind tour. It was also my first time in Devon as an adult. Despite being short, it's was fun-filled and action packed. Click the link below to see just what you can get up to on your own Devonshire adventure.

Aberdeen, Scotland

August 2014


With my sister finishing up her time at university in Scotland, my grandparents thought it would be a good idea to go and visit. The only thing was, they decided with only 12 hours notice. We quickly booked a bed and breakfast in Carlisle (for a half way stop) and a hotel on the outskirts of Aberdeen. With it being the Finge also in Edinburgh, accommodaiton was difficult to find. Nonetheless, we set off. Aberdeen is a little underrated, I think! Full post coming soon.

Scotland and the North of England

May 2010


It was another spontaneous trip taken over a long weekend whilst we were at uni. Despite not having the money for such an adventure, we decided we hadn't been to Scotland before so it was worth venturing off to. Without a plan, but knowing that Blackpool, the Lake District and Hadrian's Wall were all en route we were determined to fit it all in. And we did!!


Full write-up coming soon.

North Wales

March 2010


It was another holiday at university when we decided to visit Ireland. As we couldn't afford a flight, we decided we should drive to the very northern point of Wales and take the ferry over from Holyhead. It was a fantastic decision as we got to see the spectacular scenery and visit all of the famous places in Wales too: Snowdon, Conwy Bay and the absolutely unprounancable 'long place name!'


Full write-up (and a repeat trip) coming soon.

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