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Tama Lakes

Tama Lakes can be accessed from Whakapapa Village. Parking near the Skotel hotel, the trail begins and after around 3km you arrive at Taranaki Falls. A beautiful waterfall which makes a stunning backdrop for any photograph. Having visited in sunshine and rain, I don't recommend the latter. But if the weather's not on side, go for it. It's an adventure after all.

Continue walking for another 3km and you'll arrive at Lower Lake. This is beautiful if you can glimpse a view of mighty Ruapehu in the background. Stop for lunch if it's not going to cause you to get hypothermia before heading to the Upper Lake - it's steep and involves navigating your way over some pretty slippery scoria but it's absolutely worth it when you get to the top. I promise. And I didn't even get to see the beautiful sight of Mount Ngauruhoe in the background but I can still recommend it highly.

It's 7.2km in total and mostly flat with a couple of steep inclines along the way. The last km up to Upper Lake is a tough 'un but take your time, don't get blown away by the wind and you'll be glad you made the effort.

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