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Taieri Gorge

Dunedin's historic railway station is the gateway to one of the world's most scenic railway journeys. At around $100 for a ticket, you can enjoy over four hours cruising along through the Taieri Gorge. It's stunning, peaceful and if you're lucky, you'll enjoy a whole carriage to yourself. Well, if you choose to stay inside. I spent most of the trip hanging off the back of the train enjoying the views.

Following the bends in the river, crossing many beautiful bridges and chugging along through narrow grooves in the rocks, you most certainly won't be disappointed with this train ride.

There's even a buffet car when you can enjoy a glass of vino or a packet of crisps as you watch the world go by. The commentary by the guide is interesting and you'll actually learn a thing or two about the original railway that ran through Central Otago and how it's predominantly now a famous cycling trail.

I did the journey by myself and didn't fit the regular middle-aged cruise ship passenger but nonetheless it was a good way to spend an afternoon and I met some very interesting people along the route.

Over the Bridge
Distant Bridge
World Class Railways
Railway Crossing
On the Move
Pukerangi Station
Just Around the Riverbend
All the Carriages
Snaking Along
Hindon Station
Beautiful Setting
Following the River
Taieri Gorge
All the Greens
Train Tracks
Lonely Tree
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