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St. Stephen's Boarding School

St. Stephen's is a work of architectural beauty situated in Bombay Hills, a suburb of Auckland. Originally a boarding school for Maori boys, it closed its doors for the last time in the year 2000. With an uncertain future, it's now been boarded up, condemned and closed off to the public. A chance encounter with a friendly local enabled me to get up close and personal with this abandoned piece of history. Despite not knowing about it, I was privileged to walk among the grounds imagining what life would have been like when the place was filled with boisterous students.

Complex from Behind
Rotting Benches
Lonely Tree
Main School Building
Boarding House
View from the Driveway
Archway Shadows
Blocked Doorway
Staff House
Warning No Contractor Access
Rooftop Views
Between the Alleyways
So Grand
Seating for Formal Presentations
State of Disrepair
No Entry
Falling into Decay
Through a Glass Door
Principal's House
Contrasting Colours
Black and White Courtyard
Former Car Port
Treetop and Buildings
Such a Beautiful Building
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