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Stewart Island

I ended up on Stewart Island because I found myself driving south and then suddenly I ran out of road to go on so the next logical thing to do was to take the ferry across to Stewart Island. And what a great decision that was!

Despite rain being forecast, that didn't put off a fancy sunset or plenty of wildlife spotting opportunities. I saw penguins, kiwi, wood pigeons and tui. 

Unfortunately because of my last-minute decision to visit the island, the huts on the Great Walk - Rakiura Track - were all booked up. The chap who checked me into my hostel told me that plenty of people do the whole 43km in a day so I decided to take on the challenge. Whilst the walk was beautiful and very scenic, I think I'd definitely have preferred taking two days to complete the trail. Beautiful beaches, peaceful bush and plenty of opportunities for swimming, it was wonderful. And I got saved from walking the last 4km as I managed to hitchhike back to town. Phew!

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