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Aurora Australis

The Northern Lights are a buzz word that frequently cross the lips of travellers and photographers alike. My first encounter took place after a five-day chase across Iceland in January 2014. New to photography and barely able to work out how to decrease shutter speed, I managed to take some fairly grainy photos. When I heard that I'd be spending 2019 in a good location to see the Southern Lights I jumped at the opportunity to find them when the alert first went off. August 5th did not disappoint. August 31st finished off a spectacular month and three sightings. Here are my favourite snaps from across the south Canterbury region.

Some nights, the alerts were sounding but all I managed to get were some shots (that didn't look too shabby) showing the region's light pollution. I've included these too. Sometimes it was hard to tell... aurora or pollution?! You decide! Scroll down for time-lapse.

Faint Aurora in Glenavy
Pareora Beach
Visible Beams
Light Pollution Reflection
Makikihi First Sighting
Light Pollution at Morven
Waimate's Famous Shed
Ikawai Delight
Clouds meet Stars
Ikawai Brightest Moment
Fading Slowly
Makikihi - an accidental find
A Shooting Star
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