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Singapore... a visit to the future.

I'm sure we've all heard about how futuristic Singapore is but no matter what you've been told, I don't think you can be fully prepared for what awaits your arrival. So many quirky-shaped pieces of architecture, colours and cultures all merged into one society that really is so unique. 

It's a fascinating place where you can eat yourself silly, see some exceptional urban views or take advantage of the different works of street art that are dotted around. No matter your interest, there really is something for everyone. There's also a great selection of museums, galleries, restaurants, places of worship and the transport system works a treat.

I'd recommend arming yourself with a camera and a tourist map then setting off on an adventure. There's no need for specific plans as there's plenty to see around every corner. I'd recommend splashing out for at least one evening with sky-high cocktails so you can really take in the view below. I particularly enjoyed my time at Level 33 bar. Despite paying around £20 for a drink, the photos were absolutely worth it!

I stayed in Chinatown and this was the perfect location as it was near a variety of interesting architecture, close to the market, a stone's throw away from the subway station, fairly cheap and a great place for people-watching. There are loads of capsule hostels, each one unique in what it offers. Definitely do your research and you might end up in one that's got some really quirky gadgets - I stayed in a place that had Beats headphones and Netflix in the bed. There was no time to use either of these but as a feature it was certainly impressive for a backpacker's place. 

From Level 33
From Marina East
A Busy City
Spectra Light Show in Action
A Washed out Sunset
Colourful Reflections
Spectra Light Show
Singapore Flyer
Gardens by the Bay
A Moody Sky over Singapore
So Many Colours
Downtown Daytime
Marina Bay Sands
At Burgis Market
Wide Shot of the Bay
Colourful Stairs at Burgis
Just as the Sun was Setting
Quirky Haji Lane
Old Meets New
That Sky!
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