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Jess is a Wanderer at Ngatu Lake

Jess is a Wanderer drove to the Aupori Peninsular (home to 90 Mile Beach and Cape Reinga) to see Ngatu Lake. Located less than 20km north of Kaitaia it's a lovely place to spend a couple of hours.

The perimeter of the lake is 4km so takes around an hour to walk - or if you're on some crazy mission to see just how fast it can be done, it takes 40 minutes and 44 seconds. There are two places to park - north end and south end, depending on the road you take to get to the lake. You can park up right where you're going to hang out if you're sunbathing or swimming or whatever.

Surrounded by greenery, it's a fab spot for a picnic or a swim. Plenty of people were hanging out in their tents, kayaking and simply enjoying a paddle.

The trail around the lake is well-signed with orange markers. Parts do go on a gravel road and other parts run parallel to the main road so be careful if you're doing it with kids.

Well worth a visit if you're on the west coast!

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