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Jess is a Wanderer | A Year on Guernsey

Well... it's been a while! I sort of lost my mojo after leaving NZ and then Covid-19 hit so it's all been a bit bonkers. Nonetheless, my new island home (all 65km squared) of it has proven to be quite the place to be.

Being such a tiny island off the coast of France, with no option to leave since March 2020, you might wonder what on earth you can possibly do to keep busy. Well, there are eighteen miles of some of the most scenic cliff paths in the world to start with. I've also taken up sea swimming. Yep, the person who travelled all around the world and never set foot in the water (very rarely at best) now swims every single day (I even dipped twice on Christmas Day!!). We're also fortunate to have a couple of other islands on the doorstep and as soon as lockdown was over, the islands of Herm, Alderney and Sark became open for exploration. And explore I did. And continue to do!

Very grateful for the island's leadership and decision making in keeping us safe and enabling us to live fairly normally over the last eighteen months. I definitely chose a fantastic place to call home for the foreseeable. I may not be able to leave (or have visitors) at present but I'm certainly looking forward to summer 2021 and the borders opening (potentially) so I can see family again. And very excited to get my website back up and running after quite the hiatus.

Here's a more detailed look at my first year in the bailiwick of Guernsey:

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