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Goodbye Egypt!

After an absolutely fantastic six years in Egypt, the time has finally come to say goodbye. As a result, I wrote a letter and made a video! Enjoy... view the video here.

Dear Egypt,

I arrived during the Revolution in 2011 but you made me feel so welcome despite it being a tense time.

I've been privileged to see so much during my stay here. I've experienced the hospitality of your kindhearted people, I've taken part during your celebrations, I've been helped by those with nothing more to give than a friendly smile, I've been spoilt with the adventures you've provided, met some very special people and I've been fortunate to walk in the footsteps of the pharaohs.

I've gained a firsthand insight into your culture, your quirks and your chaotic ways. I've come to know the way things work (and the way they don't!), I've learnt your language (shwaya shwaya), I've sailed your waters, driven your roads and trampled across your desert dunes.

I've worked, I've played, I've explored and I've never felt more at home anywhere else in the world. You've given me six years of sunshine and fun.

You've opened my eyes to: - McDonald's delivery - Alcohol delivery - In fact, any delivery of any product at all - Beautiful beaches - Surviving 40c+ temperatures - The biggest ants I've ever seen - Coming face to face with some of the world's oldest and most well-preserved historical structures, artifacts and mummies

Please note, I'm not sure I'm going to miss: - Risking my life when crossing a road - Sticking to the car seat during high summer temps - Getting caught in a sandstorm - Never receiving the correct change - The traffic 😫 - The noise 🙉 beep beep!!

I'm sad to have read recently that you ranked 7th on a list of world's most dangerous countries. 🙁 Here's hoping that tourism will continue to improve and people will come to know that you're a fascinating part of the world. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone I meet all across our planet. I've never felt unsafe and I hope that others will visit and their experiences will be as positive as my own.

I'm not saying goodbye, I'm saying see you later. I'm not done with you yet because I don't know where I'll end up eventually and life is an adventure... el haya moghamara ✌️

Thanks, Egypt!

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