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Jess is a Wanderer at Te Paki Dunes

Jess is a Wanderer was on the Aupouri Peninsula in search of Cape Reinga and absolutely couldn't pass up the chance to visit Te Paki Sand Dunes. A 10km long, 150m high, 1km wide block of sand, it's an incredible work of nature.

Located less than thirty minutes away from Cape Reinga, it's a must-see whilst on your way up (or back down) the coast. The dunes are enormous and constantly changing shape leaving various patterns around as the wind blows.

You can hire sand-boards from a number of places along the road for around $10 or directly from the people at the foot of the dunes. Prices may vary according to season. I arrived after 5pm so the people hiring boards weren't there but I still enjoyed running up and down the

dunes. Or parts of the dunes anyway, gees it's a good workout!!

The views at the top are pretty fantastic and at one point I forgot I was in New Zealand and thought I may somehow have ended up back in Egypt!

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