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Jess is a Wanderer - Roy's Peak

Jess is a Wanderer decided to embrace the official start of winter by hiking up to the top of Roy's Peak. Famous for its Instagram-worthy views, the path is tackled by thousands of tourists every year. If you read on, you'll see why!

Getting up to Roy's Peak isn't too taxing if you're in fairly good shape. It's steep as steep as steep but there are plenty of spots where you can stop, take a breather and enjoy the view.

I'd heard on the weather forecast that snow had fallen overnight at 600m and it wasn't long before I hit the 600m mark and yep, there was certainly some snow!

The hike begins not too far out of town. There's a big car park but it does fill up, with hundreds of people at any given time on the track, spaces can be limited so arrive early to avoid disappointment. As soon as you start climbing, the views are already breathtaking. They only get more so the higher you go.

There are a number of 'shortcuts' which people have etched into the land over time. These are usually steeper and sloppier than the original path so use at your own risk. The track is well-maintained so it's probably better (and safer) to stick to the original path.

I think I experienced all four seasons in the six hours that I was out and about on the mountain. Whilst the day had started with sunshine and blue skies, a snow storm blew in and robbed all possibility of any chance of a view. I was only 100m or so from the summit when I decided to turn back - there are some things that aren't worth risking. My life being one of them!

One of my highlights from this hike was finding this toilet. The famous Instagram picture that anyone who's anyone takes at the top is truly beautiful. It offers an amazing view, a great backdrop and a chance to feel like you're at the edge of the world. What you don't see behind the camera is the toilet and the line of people penitently waiting for their big moment.

All in all, I definitely recommend attempting to summit Roy's Peak but definitely not in the peak season. There were probably thirty people the day I ascended and that's probably enough for me. If you don't like crowds, I'd give this one a miss. If you're not that into hiking but you're looking for a good view, this is probably the track for you. For more photos, click here.

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