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Jess is a Wanderer at New Brighton Pier

New Brighton is a suburb of Christchurch that was hit badly by the 2011 earthquake. Slowly rebuilding its damaged economy, buildings and tourism hotspots; there is plenty to keep a budding photographer entertained.

We arrived on a very foggy evening so there wasn't much of a view to be seen. However, we'd driven the three hours (after work) and had a delicious meal in Christchurch city so weren't too disappointed about the lack of nighttime photos. I was here predominantly for sunrise.

And... what a sunrise it was! Ah, yes. The fog was still there in the morning. Whilst creating a gloomy atmosphere punctured by the street lamps, it wasn't quite the image I had pictured in my mind! Still, there was always Saturday night and Sunday morning. Fingers crossed.

In the evenings, the pier is lit up with the street lamps and coloured lights which change intermittently. There was no fog on this particular occasion so I was thrilled with our luck. Keeping the fingers crossed for a clear morning and a beautiful sunrise tomorrow.

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