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Jess is a Wanderer in Tekapo

Jess is a Wanderer headed to Tekapo in search of the last colours of autumn. It certainly was worth the journey (and the cold) to see these beautiful views. It seems that the temperatures have certainly cooled in recent weeks as the mountains were a little snow-dusted. Can't wait for some snowy adventures!

Arriving into Tekapo, I knew that I was going to be greeted with more spectacular scenery. I'd visited in summer but there's something about the autumnal colours that just give the whole place a completely different look.

Despite the cold, one advantage to visiting at this time of year is the significantly smaller number of tourists. Of course, there will always be people around - this is definitely one of NZ's hotspots for visitors, photographers, backpackers and locals. However, it was rather more enjoyable to have considerably less people to share the beautiful scenery with. :)

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