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Jess is a Wanderer - A Soggy Christmas

Merry Christmas from Jess is a Wanderer! Wherever you are, whatever you did to celebrate or relax - I hope it was a magical time.

We certainly had a mixed few days. We rented a caravan in sunny old Nelson for Christmas. Online, the caravan seemed more than big enough for four adults (my sister, my parents and I). In reality, it was probably perfect for two of us. So you can imagine our surprise when we awoke Christmas morning to a downpour that was set to last until the next morning at least. Oh dear. We couldn't stay inside over-eating and watching Christmas movies, we had to venture out. But to where? What is there to do on a rainy Christmas day in Nelson?

We decided to do a road trip to Motueka in search of the shipwreck, Abdel Tasman National Park to perhaps do a walk and generally drive the coast road in the hope of finding some nicer weather. It was all a bit of a flop so after a soggy walk along Tahunanui Beach, we picked up some fish and chips and returned to the caravan! Unfortunately I don't have any photos to share from the day other than the one above. Must try harder next time!

Boxing Day was much more exciting with blue skies, sunshine and a day spent lounging on the beach. We were happy to be out of the caravan and happy that the rain had stopped. Unfortunately, there was no space for Father Christmas to leave any presents so he had to bypass us this year. We didn't mind, having mum for Christmas was pretty cool. Our first Christmas together in four years. I wonder where next year will be celebrated?

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