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Jess is a Wanderer at Glenorchy Races

Jess is a Wanderer headed over to the horse racing at Glenorchy for the afternoon. A perfect time to meet people, enjoy a picnic and put on a few bets in the sunshine.

The drive out to Glenorchy from Queenstown is pretty stunning. I think I'd rather have done it on a bicycle so I could actually stop and admire every time I saw a spectacular scene in front of me. In the car, there weren't that many safe spots given that the road is long and windy. Nonetheless, it's a beautiful place and the town itself is just as scenic.

Back at the races, the place was buzzing with such a great atmosphere. People had gone all out packing sofas and armchairs into the back of trailers and parked up for the day. Others had tents and were out for the weekend.

A band came on later in the evening after we'd lost all our money and there was a sausage sizzle raising money for the local primary school. All in all, a great community event and even though I did leave poorer than when I'd arrived, it was money well spend on a great day out. See ya next year? Maybe!

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