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Jess is a Wanderer at McLaren Falls

I had been in New Zealand for just over two weeks when someone first introduced me to the phenomenon which is glow worms. AKA the glowing poop in little grubs that appears blue in certain spots - waterfalls, caves, the bush. Fast forward eleven months and we went to photograph these fascinating wonders.

McLaren Falls is a reserve which, as you can guess, has a most impressive waterfall. What's more exciting about this waterfall is that if you time your visit right (as in, in the dark), you'll be treated to a display of constellation-esque glowing worms which make it difficult to tell if you're looking at poop or a mass of stars in the night sky.

I took a trip out to the falls today with my pal, Tyler. It's always difficult to capture the worms but we gave it a good shot! Despite being spring, it was pretty cold once the sun went down. Access to the park has to be done before the gates lock at 7:30. We managed to entertain ourselves for 90 minutes before the sun set with feeding the ducks, removing the MOST GINORMOUS spider from the car and taking a few practice shots.

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