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Jess is a Wanderer at Pouakai Hut

Jess is a Wanderer ventured back to the elusive Mount Egmont National Park on a chilly, but clear, spring evening. The plan? To hike up to the Pouakai Hut in search of the infamous shot of Mount Taranaki reflected in the tarn...

Setting off in the dark at the bright old hour of 4:30 in the morning, I began the treacherous climb up to Pouakai Hut. Despite being early spring, and early in the day, the climb was sweaty as I raced to arrive before sunrise. This was my third visit to the hut and I was adamant that this time I was going to get the shot I so wanted.

As the sun rose over Maude Peak, I knew that today was not my day. The cloud came in thick and fast, surrounding me and any hope of seeing Taranaki. Fortunately, I did manage to capture the tiniest of glimpses of the mighty peak for merely a second before it disappeared once more.

Taranaki, I'll be back. Hopefully it will be my fourth and final time. Nonetheless, I did enjoy the sunrise! To see more pics from the Taranaki area, click here.

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