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Jess is a Wanderer at the Pinnacles

Jess is a Wanderer had been waiting over six months to hike to the Pinnacles hut in Coromandel Forest Park. Finally, the weather was on side and the hut was booked. It was time to conquer this track.

Unfortunately, we had to wait until Sunday for any photo opportunities for as soon as we arrived in the carpark, the rain began. Despite letting up for most of our three hour ascent, the clouds hovered blocking any sort of view for the majority of the hike.

We were promised by Wayne, the helpful ranger at the top, that we'd have a beautiful clear morning for sunrise. However, when the alarm went off at 3:30 and the ascent to the summit began with the rain still falling and the wind whipping up a treat - I wasn't very impressed with Mr. Wayne. Especially when I arrived to the summit and then fell down a hole with nothing but my tripod to steady myself. Although, looking back now it was funny!

Despite appearances, the sun certainly rose and delivered quite the spectacular show. We definitely weren't disappointed and made our way slowly back down to the carpark under beautiful sunny skies with every such a slightly sunburnt nose as a souvenir from the adventure.

The Pinnacles Hut sleeps up to 80 keen hikers and fills up quickly so you have to get organised if you're wanting to stay. I recommend taking ear plugs as several of our neighbours snored incessantly ALL NIGHT. I'll admit, I woke up grumpier than I wanted to be. But running on no sleep and climbing chains, ladders and rocks in the pitch black with wind and rain pounding me wasn't the greatest start to the day! Fortunately, the sun brightened up the sky and my mood.

Full gallery can be viewed here.

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